Pharmacy Systems Outcomes and Policy

University of Illinois Chicago
College of Pharmacy

Illinois ADVANCE helped to create four educational brochures focused on safe opioid prescribing and evidence-based chronic pain management in collaboration with Pharmacy Systems Outcomes and Policy at the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy (UIC COP). These materials were developed and supported by CDC grant no. R01CE003156-01. Over a 3-year period, the clinical pharmacists at Illinois ADVANCE used these brochures to provide one-on-one educational outreach visits with prescribers in Illinois.

Implementing an academic detailing program

PSOP has developed a guidebook for organizations interested in developing an academic detailing program that will impact healthcare providers’ opioid prescribing and chronic pain management practices. The guide is equipped with practical and logistical considerations related to establishing academic detailing program goals, developing program materials, utilizing general and state-specific academic detailing resources, and engagement strategies with relevant stakeholders.

Pharmacy Systems Outcomes and Policy (PSOP) - Creating and Implementing an Academic Detailing Program